Episode 2: Talking about Startup struggles & pregnancy with Giridhar Shankar

Giridhar Shankar is the founder of a health startup called as Intelleza Technologies in Bangalore. They have been working on a product called as wombix. A product specially designed as the name suggests for pregnancy care. It helps in connecting the Patients and Doctors more seamlessly.

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Giridhar Shankar: On LinkedIn

We chatted on

  • What is wombix all about & what is the problem it is trying to solve?
  • Role of male partner during the journey of pregnancy for a woman & how is it changing with age.
  • Post delivery depression in woman & the cultural impact of it in the Indian context.
  • Life in a startup.
  • Challenges of starting a startup in India.
  • Is earning money the aim of the business?
  • What should people be aware of before making the jump into startups?
  • Do you pay market price for yourself or close to market price or go over the market price? 🙂
  • Important lessons during the startup journey.
  • Daily routine.
  • Super Power.
  • What makes you angry?

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