Episode 4: Chiki Sarkar – Be passionate with your work.

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Chiki Sarkar: @chikisarkar

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Chiki is a book publisher.
She is the founder and CEO of juggernaut books.
She started her career with Bloomsbury publishing in London, guys who published Harry Potter & she was in the thick of things when Harry Potter became the biggest publishing phenomenon of our times.
Later she moved to India & headed Random House, worked in Penguin Books, then the startup bug hit her.

In this episode we chat about

  • How does she describe as to what she is doing right now to anyone she meets for the first time?
  • Is print dead or in its death bed?
  • Does best seller category also take into account number of Juggernaut or another ebook downloads?
  • Path taken to whatever you are doing right now.
  • Favourite failure in your journey so far.
  • How does marketing work for digital books or how do you promote content that makes sense?
  • Is giving away content for free for budding writers a good strategy?
  • Should creative people be marketing more?
  • How do you define success in your business?
  • What are the cons of working in a startup?What should people be aware of?
  • What is Chiki’s daily routine?
  • What is your super power?
  • Any advice to a 15-20 year old?
  • Is there a company you admire, sort of dream company & why?

Juggernaut Link – https://www.juggernaut.in


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