Episode 5 & 6: Pradeep Soundararajan: A Passionate voice for Software Testing.

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Part 2

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Pradeep is the CEO of Moolya Testing & App Achhi. Testing is his passion.
He is one of the passionate voices of Software Testing in India. One who believes testing requires as much intellect as any other profession.

In the following 2 episodes we chat about

  • How to test a Masala Dosa?
  • Journey of Pradeep from a tester to a CEO of his company. What he learned & connections he made along the way.
  • The Big ‘aHa’ moment or the ‘Oh Oh’ moments in his life which changed his perspective & led to the creation of Moolya.
  • Our brain is hardwired to keep us safe. How do we come out of our comfort zones & face failures.
  • Thoughts on creating & maintaining a company culture.
  • Pradeep calls himself a ‘Chief Servant to Employees & Customers’. Has adopting this ‘Servant Mentality’ helped you in becoming a better leader?
  • What comes first for you? Employees, customers or processes.
  • Was it important for you to bootstrap your company? What are the benefits of bootstrapping vs external funding?
  • How important is it for you to create content & sharing content? Why is it required?
  • What are the few non-negotiables that you have for your kids?
  • What is your super power? Apart from the work, what do you think you are really good at doing?
  • Is there  company you admire? Not necessarily IT, any field? A sort of dream company for you. Why?

Moolya Links – http://www.moolya.com

AppAchhi – http://www.AppAchhi.com

Pradeep’s Blogposts – http://testertested.blogspot.in

On Flock – http://askpradeep.flock.co

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