Rishabh Telang – A masterclass in Fitness from the Founder of Cult.

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On Instagram – rishabhtelang

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Rishabh is the Founder of Cult, a Bangalore based fitness startup which is focused on training programs with less or no machines & equipments.

A sports enthusiast from his younger days, a fitness freak, who dabbed a bit in IT initially & the fitness bug consumed him & he started Cult which wants to tap into the a growing fitness market in India.

Here in this episode among other things I talk to Rishabh

  • On his journey.
  • The differentiator that Cult offers.
  • Are traditional gyms passe?
  • How to gauge a beginner’s fitness for any program?
  • What is the one technique or tool that is not required for a gym?
  • What is the one thing people need to have in their workout program?
  • Thoughts on supplements & protein shakes.
  • Rishabh’s personal routine for fitness.
  • How to motivate oneself to make the journey to the fitness centres?
  • Is there a separate regimen for women? Should women be doing weight training?
  • How does one select a coach or fitness coach?
  • Mentors or Inspiration for Rishabh.
  • What is Rishabh’s Superpower?

Cult Fitness – https://www.cultfit.in

Cross Trainer Coach – Ben Bergeron

Podcast name : Chasing Excellence.


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