Episode 8: Peter Van Geit – The Flying Chennaite from Belgium.

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Peter Van Geit  is originally from Belgium, but settled in Chennai for last 20 years. He is well known in Chennai for his trekking club the CTC, the Chennai Trekking Club which he founded, he and his club played a big role during the Chennai Floods in 2015, his beach cleanup activities & many more other environmental activities in & around Chennai.

Here in this episode among other things I talk to Peter

  • Quick Snapshot on his background.
  • Purpose of his life.
  • How did he take his social responsibility work to the next level from the day he started.
  • Initially when Peter started out, there might have been lots of negatives & failures that he would have seen. How does one overcome that failure in our day to day life & move ahead to our goal with the same enthusiasm?
  • People in IT field are the most well paid, but they seem to be the most dissatisfied lot. How does one overcome that dissatisfaction & see the purpose in life?
  • Are you materialistic? Do you have the urge to purchase every new gadget that is released?
  • Are there luxuries that you enjoy? Is there something which has made impact on your life?
  • If you look back at your stay at India, how do you look at it? Do you want to divide these into any phases?
  • What does your fitness regimen look like?
  • Why do you run?
  • What’s your biggest challenge right now?
  • Is there any advice you would give a 15-20 year old? Anything about life, career, etc.

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