Episode 8: Peter Van Geit – The Flying Chennaite from Belgium.

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Peter Van Geit  is originally from Belgium, but settled in Chennai for last 20 years. He is well known in Chennai for his trekking club the CTC, the Chennai Trekking Club which he founded, he and his club played a big role during the Chennai Floods in 2015, his beach cleanup activities & many more other environmental activities in & around Chennai.

Here in this episode among other things I talk to Peter

  • Quick Snapshot on his background.
  • Purpose of his life.
  • How did he take his social responsibility work to the next level from the day he started.
  • Initially when Peter started out, there might have been lots of negatives & failures that he would have seen. How does one overcome that failure in our day to day life & move ahead to our goal with the same enthusiasm?
  • People in IT field are the most well paid, but they seem to be the most dissatisfied lot. How does one overcome that dissatisfaction & see the purpose in life?
  • Are you materialistic? Do you have the urge to purchase every new gadget that is released?
  • Are there luxuries that you enjoy? Is there something which has made impact on your life?
  • If you look back at your stay at India, how do you look at it? Do you want to divide these into any phases?
  • What does your fitness regimen look like?
  • Why do you run?
  • What’s your biggest challenge right now?
  • Is there any advice you would give a 15-20 year old? Anything about life, career, etc.

Rishabh Telang – A masterclass in Fitness from the Founder of Cult.

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Rishabh is the Founder of Cult, a Bangalore based fitness startup which is focused on training programs with less or no machines & equipments.

A sports enthusiast from his younger days, a fitness freak, who dabbed a bit in IT initially & the fitness bug consumed him & he started Cult which wants to tap into the a growing fitness market in India.

Here in this episode among other things I talk to Rishabh

  • On his journey.
  • The differentiator that Cult offers.
  • Are traditional gyms passe?
  • How to gauge a beginner’s fitness for any program?
  • What is the one technique or tool that is not required for a gym?
  • What is the one thing people need to have in their workout program?
  • Thoughts on supplements & protein shakes.
  • Rishabh’s personal routine for fitness.
  • How to motivate oneself to make the journey to the fitness centres?
  • Is there a separate regimen for women? Should women be doing weight training?
  • How does one select a coach or fitness coach?
  • Mentors or Inspiration for Rishabh.
  • What is Rishabh’s Superpower?

Cult Fitness – https://www.cultfit.in

Cross Trainer Coach – Ben Bergeron

Podcast name : Chasing Excellence.


Episode 5 & 6: Pradeep Soundararajan: A Passionate voice for Software Testing.

Part 1

Part 2

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Pradeep Soundararajan: On LinkedIn

On Flock

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Pradeep is the CEO of Moolya Testing & App Achhi. Testing is his passion.
He is one of the passionate voices of Software Testing in India. One who believes testing requires as much intellect as any other profession.

In the following 2 episodes we chat about

  • How to test a Masala Dosa?
  • Journey of Pradeep from a tester to a CEO of his company. What he learned & connections he made along the way.
  • The Big ‘aHa’ moment or the ‘Oh Oh’ moments in his life which changed his perspective & led to the creation of Moolya.
  • Our brain is hardwired to keep us safe. How do we come out of our comfort zones & face failures.
  • Thoughts on creating & maintaining a company culture.
  • Pradeep calls himself a ‘Chief Servant to Employees & Customers’. Has adopting this ‘Servant Mentality’ helped you in becoming a better leader?
  • What comes first for you? Employees, customers or processes.
  • Was it important for you to bootstrap your company? What are the benefits of bootstrapping vs external funding?
  • How important is it for you to create content & sharing content? Why is it required?
  • What are the few non-negotiables that you have for your kids?
  • What is your super power? Apart from the work, what do you think you are really good at doing?
  • Is there  company you admire? Not necessarily IT, any field? A sort of dream company for you. Why?

Moolya Links – http://www.moolya.com

AppAchhi – http://www.AppAchhi.com

Pradeep’s Blogposts – http://testertested.blogspot.in

On Flock – http://askpradeep.flock.co

Episode 4: Chiki Sarkar – Be passionate with your work.

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Chiki Sarkar: @chikisarkar

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Chiki is a book publisher.
She is the founder and CEO of juggernaut books.
She started her career with Bloomsbury publishing in London, guys who published Harry Potter & she was in the thick of things when Harry Potter became the biggest publishing phenomenon of our times.
Later she moved to India & headed Random House, worked in Penguin Books, then the startup bug hit her.

In this episode we chat about

  • How does she describe as to what she is doing right now to anyone she meets for the first time?
  • Is print dead or in its death bed?
  • Does best seller category also take into account number of Juggernaut or another ebook downloads?
  • Path taken to whatever you are doing right now.
  • Favourite failure in your journey so far.
  • How does marketing work for digital books or how do you promote content that makes sense?
  • Is giving away content for free for budding writers a good strategy?
  • Should creative people be marketing more?
  • How do you define success in your business?
  • What are the cons of working in a startup?What should people be aware of?
  • What is Chiki’s daily routine?
  • What is your super power?
  • Any advice to a 15-20 year old?
  • Is there a company you admire, sort of dream company & why?

Juggernaut Link – https://www.juggernaut.in


Episode 3: Sushil Bhasin, the marathon man believes that the second half of life need not be a pale shadow of the first.

Sushil Bhasin has done 19 Half Marathons, 9 Full Marathons, 5 Ultras, 1 Triathlon, Planning a 100 K this july & a 100 miler in october.

That’s not it, he is a diabetic for around 20+ years, has single kidney & to top it off he is 67 years old.

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Sushil Bhasin: On Facebook


We chatted on

  • Why do you run or why marathon?
  • Marathon journey. When did you start & how long you are planning to run?
  • Normal running routine.
  • Fuel & hydration during the run.
  • Running strategy. While practising don’t aim for distance, run for time. i.e plan to run for 1 or 2 hour instead of planning to run 10 or 20 kms.
  • Mental aspect of running.
  • How do you handle negative emotions while running long distance?
  • Tips for beginners.
  • What is your superpower?

Episode 2: Talking about Startup struggles & pregnancy with Giridhar Shankar

Giridhar Shankar is the founder of a health startup called as Intelleza Technologies in Bangalore. They have been working on a product called as wombix. A product specially designed as the name suggests for pregnancy care. It helps in connecting the Patients and Doctors more seamlessly.

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Giridhar Shankar: On LinkedIn

We chatted on

  • What is wombix all about & what is the problem it is trying to solve?
  • Role of male partner during the journey of pregnancy for a woman & how is it changing with age.
  • Post delivery depression in woman & the cultural impact of it in the Indian context.
  • Life in a startup.
  • Challenges of starting a startup in India.
  • Is earning money the aim of the business?
  • What should people be aware of before making the jump into startups?
  • Do you pay market price for yourself or close to market price or go over the market price? 🙂
  • Important lessons during the startup journey.
  • Daily routine.
  • Super Power.
  • What makes you angry?

http://www.icasindia.org – Indian Council of Astrological Science

Episode 0: Welcome

Hello Folks  –

Welcome to the “The Key Moments” podcast.

Here I talk to people who have been top achievers in their field, their stories, their experiences, their learnings, their routines & see what makes them tick.

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